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 Shots Gertz describes the media and coaches Moroccan Balvashleyn

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PostSubject: Shots Gertz describes the media and coaches Moroccan Balvashleyn   Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:22 pm

Erik Gerets dawn black coach another bomb in Morocco through a controversial dialogue with one of the Moroccan press, which attacked the coaches and the media and all the Moroccans from the face of his arrows of criticism against the backdrop of exclusion from the disastrous first round of the last African Nations Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

«Oogerdoa Maroc» French-speaking newspaper carried the shots for the description of which Girts Moroccan Balvashleyn trained and that they lack a track record entitles them to hold him accountable, as described Bamuftgarin most of the experience and achievements.

He attacked Girts Moroccan media and said that it deepened the details do not concern them, including his salary and his residence and his hobbies, saying that he chose to live in Morocco and will provide job opportunities for Moroccans through projects Sindzha, which raised the ire of Moroccans who regarded this speech offensive to them.

It meets today in Casablanca and the Mohammed V Stadium specifically trained Moroccans to declare their position of rejecting the statements Gerets and his call to make an apology for all.
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Shots Gertz describes the media and coaches Moroccan Balvashleyn
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