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 Burglary at home of Fabrizio Corona sought photos of Berlusconi?

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PostSubject: Burglary at home of Fabrizio Corona sought photos of Berlusconi?   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:39 pm

Still a nasty business that regards Fabrizio Corona and somehow could result in another scandal involving Berlusconi and ending that is, in fact there was a burglary at the home of Fabrizio Corona, have gone a whole series of photos with lots of hard disk camera, there were life, death and miracles of famous people? Who knows.

What I have not suffered a burglary, who came into my agency was looking for pictures of naked Berlusconi, has commented so enraged Corona, continuing said:

I have actually severed, four days that I call all journalists and all - still - ask me the same thing, if I have those photos. It is no coincidence that those who came into my agency has allowed money and checks, and has taken away the secret archive, and hard disks.

But the director of photography has ensured that this type of photos of Berlusconi does not exist and the story takes on a yellow outline.
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Burglary at home of Fabrizio Corona sought photos of Berlusconi?
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