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 Alfonso Luigi Marra believes Sara Tommasi as the new face of DC

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PostSubject: Alfonso Luigi Marra believes Sara Tommasi as the new face of DC   Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:05 pm

God forbid, if Tommasi is the new face of a political party so we are really fruit, but apparently her former boyfriend or what the heck could be Alfonso Luigi Marra considers that:

As you will read about - is a person who is very fond of that video and I was very touched by it, how do I say to Manuela Arcuri in the famous spots: lostrategismo, especially sentimental, has greatly retarded the progress of civilization and has become a real social misery. Strategismo sentimental where Sara - this is its specificity - is free, because Sarah has a wonderful, though sometimes uncomfortable, characteristic to speak as you think. A beautiful thing in a world like ours, in which the truth is not the priority.

Speaking of DC, I published the document in which I explained the important judgment of the Supreme Court which stated definitively that the historic DC still exists because it has never been dissolved, that its enormous wealth, including 585 properties , many of great value, has been unlawfully sold (so it must be recovered once occurred to those who have been sold and under what conditions), and that neither the CDU nor the PPI or Sandri either Pizza or more are entitled to use the name or the symbol can not be heirs or successors, for it was never extinguished. Well, he has not shown anyone. I believe that, as a politician, if the issue still does not emerge, I would have the duty to assume the burden of making a video in which you do tell Sara naked.
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Alfonso Luigi Marra believes Sara Tommasi as the new face of DC
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