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 Nicole Minetti perfect B-side!

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PostSubject: Nicole Minetti perfect B-side!   Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:38 pm

Leopard boots, short jacket and tight leggings that underline the perfect proportions of his hand well its sinuous legs. Nicole Minetti did not make a wrong when it comes to sex appeal. You do not need to show off her form in a bikini, the curves of her lower reaches perfection theorized by psychologist David Holmes getting the highest score at least three of the six variables identified by him.

Shape (shape), circularity (roundness), Bounciness (rebound), firmness (firmness), skin texture (skin texture) and (hip-life proportions), the factors taken into account by Holmes.

Of these in terms of roundness, shape, compactness, and hips-life proportions Nicole is second even J.Lo, whose seat is considered the prototype of the perfect one. The good counselor walks the streets of Milan, visibly worried about not being noticed by photographers and a bit 'angry, but the flash can not escape, like Pippa, with aquale has in common, if nothing else, just one side B to scream.
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Nicole Minetti perfect B-side!
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